Zebra CardStudio Professional [Latest] + Portable

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Zebra CardStudio Professional [Latest]

Zebra CardStudio Professional offers designers and printers a more straightforward approach to designing and printing cards — from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

With a well-designed, intuitive interface that virtually eliminates the need for technical expertise or training, the user can print a few single-sided monochrome cards or thousands of encoded two-sided full-color cards with special security effects.

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Moreover, by using CardStudio ID card software, your business can expand as your business needs alter. You can choose from Four Editions, which means you can purchase the features you need today and then upgrade instantly to increase the features you need tomorrow. This ensures that the card printing software you buy today will meet your needs tomorrow as well as today.

  • It’s easy to create cards with CardStudio
  • Effortless Interaction
  • Data Management and Advanced Data Analytics
  • Provider of advanced encoding support
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Features of Zebra CardStudio Professional

Easy to create cards with CardStudio

Designed to be simple to use regardless of your level of expertise, CardStudio 2.0 will simplify the design process and reduce the complexity of printed cards. Printing a few single-sided monochrome cards or thousands of two-sided full colour cards with customized security effects and dynamic data with the well-designed highly intuitive interface allows virtually anyone to print one-sided cards with no technical expertise or training required.

Effortless Interaction

No matter if you are printing a single monochrome card or thousands of embedded double-sided full color cards with enhanced security effects and dynamic data, the well-designed, highly-intuitive interface virtually eliminates the need to acquire technical expertise and training.

Data Management and Advanced Data Analytics

The system can automatically populate cards with virtually any existing enterprise data, such as text, graphics, photos and other information from practically any data source — from backend databases to spreadsheets.

Providing of advanced encoding support

You can create your cards using a variety of encoding types with the Professional version, which supports encoding for magnetic stripes as well as the MIFARE family of contactless cards.

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Zebra CardStudio Professional [Latest] + Portable:

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