Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.4.1 [Latest]

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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.4.1[Latest] Free Download

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager is an update to Microsoft Windows 10; Repair Meet all your expectations. Windows 10 Administrator includes more than 30 services to simultaneously speed up and stabilize the system.

Fix the update this way. Hardware for your system. Yamicsoft has a removal tool that allows you to remove programs without any other files in Windows 10 Administrator.

Unnecessary files You can also search for registry entries and defragment registries. One click cleans the system.

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Features of Yamicsoftoft Windows 10 Portable Manager

Information:Learn more about the system and your system products. Help find the key to install Windows and Office products. Describe in detail the process and cables running on your device. Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Click once to clean the system. The repair center will help solve various system problems.

changes; Inspection and repair of extended starters; Improving the functioning of the system with unnecessary services; Improve system services and improve schedules and rational blocking.

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Optimizer: Set up your system to improve the speed at which Windows starts and shuts down. Adjust your hardware to increase system speed and performance. Windows startup management to eliminate negative virus

Clear:Decide which files or folders take up disk space and display them in the image. Smart Uninstaller can completely remove the program without having to register in the other files. Find files that don’t need to free up hard disk space. Be clear.

Available search engines Find files with the same name and execution time. Registry Cleaner checks and corrects invalid registry settings. Registry Defrag shortens registration time Desktop Cleaning allows you to easily clean up unwanted images and files on your desktop.

Customization: Customize the look of your system by changing your browser, desktop, Start menu, taskbar, and system notifications. You can manage static objects. You can click any file or folder on the taskbar and on the Home screen.Get started quickly in the job market with a to-do list tool. Change the Windows 10 start menu.

Right-click the mouse settings; You can easily change the displayed Win + X menu by right-clicking on the lower left corner of the desktop or the Win + X keyboard shortcut. Create a shortcut in the field. Visual Customizer changes the system and file type. You can change the key image.

Security: system components; Improves system security by changing UAC access points. Search Engine Optimization Disable access to disks and programs. Encrypt / decrypt files.

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Recover deleted or accidentally formatted files from disk. Privacy Protection protects your privacy by deleting the information you have left. Hide entries in the control panel. Add or remove

Network: increases the speed of the internet connection; Manage everything you share with Slow Internet Explorer; IP Switcher can easily change your IP address on different networks. Modify the Hosts file to speed up web browsing and allow access only to certain hosts.

A lot. Tools: Displays the collection of Windows gadgets and places system elements in the start item and taskbar. Sharing each file You can combine Auto Save Files with the Super Copy function. Registry tools make it easier to use the registry.

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