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Published by ShaaniPC on Professional image Professional is a set of tools to extend the execution of frames. perfectly removes unwanted programs from circular drives and dead links from Windows registry. allows you to control Windows startup, memory check and gives you the ability to change desktop and frame options to suit your needs. This implies the speed and stability of your association.

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It ensures your protection and keeps information confidential. Proficient contains tools: uninstallation cleanup, document verification, registry filtering, startup, user interface change, Net-weaker, security … Professional image 1 Professional 20.0 Features:

Clean Installer – used to efficiently uninstall programs and check hard disk, MS Windows registry and document changes in system installations.

Document Check – Used to periodically clean the hard drive of dead links, junk and obsolete files provided by various programs. These entries and links remain on the hard drive and increase disk access time.

Registry Check – used to periodically clean the MS Windows registry of unused applications left after uninstallation and incorrect connections, reducing image stacking speed and time.Startup Monitor – This tool allows you to check, activate, evacuate, activate and / or weaken individual startup processes. You can modify the applications shown as part of the frame overlay process. Professional image 1

The user interface for the change consists of a set of additional changes related to security, frame restriction and customer orientation, which are excluded in major parts of MS Windows.

Net Tweaker – a tool used to increase the speed of information exchange and to establish a more reliable connection by changing hidden system settings.

Available only in the “Expert” version.Protection is a set of tools that guarantees your protection and keeps data confidential. There are three main sections: “Items to Delete”, “Person Not Detected” and “Shredder Registration”. Available only in the “Expert” version.

Unrecognizable person – This tool is used to save and restore personal data. This is useful if you don’t need data supported by the framework.

Record Cutter – This device is used to securely delete archives, programs and all other documents without the ability to download them.

Memory Sponsor (free) – this device is used to check, clean and optimize RAM. It is used to extend the execution of the operating structure and to offload RAM for use in various procedures. If you have the chance, we recommend using RAM Saver Ace and not Memory Initiator. Professional image

Other Features of WinTools Net Professional

Also, you can check for any invalid entries found in the Windows registry which are related to invalid volumes and data links, TypeLib data, application paths, invalid font connections, program waste installation, MUI cache, etc. to fix.
In addition, you can manage applications that launch automatically at startup, interrupt running processes and services, and customize the user interface for registration information, Windows paths, logo, and support information.

In addition, you can customize the network (for example, use the best settings for the selected configuration), specify TCP large window support and the value of forward and restore support, delete objects system using a file shredder, save your Internet favorites list, etc. many. … the second.

WinTools Net Professional uses a moderate amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive step-by-step guide, and performs well during our testing. The tool posed no problem for us. We highly recommend it to all users, especially experts. Professional Portable Free Download:

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