Stardock Windowblinds 10.87 Free Download

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Stardock Windowblinds 10.87 Free Download

Stardock WindowBlinds 10.87 can be free download from our library. With WindowBlinds, you’ll be able to customize your desktop interface nevertheless you like!

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With WindowBlinds, users can also customize desktop interface themes (called skins) that can change the look and feel of their desktop by changing the look and feel of the start panel, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons.

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Features of Stardock WindowBlinds Full

Visual Styles

Install WindowBlinds and choose from hundreds of skins included with the application or visit for additional options.

Alternative Skins

Many skins have multiple style combinations that can be applied based on your tastes. You can save your own style combinations as presets to make accessing them easier later.

Customize & Modify Skins

Any theme from the Windows default themes library or any skin downloaded from can be personalized.


Your skins can be changed easily to suit your mood.


Use skins as the main theme of your artwork or blend them with your backgrounds.

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If you discover a great skin, but want to change its color scheme, WindowBlinds allows instant color changes in its configuration menu.


Use any of the textures included in WindowBlinds or your own texture creation to personalize any skin.

Explorator Backgrounds

Feel like you have been staring at the same boring windows for months? Change the background by choosing from a wide array of explorer themes.

Apply: Installs in minutes

Managing your desktop has been made faster and intuitive by simplifying the configuration menu. Get an instant preview of all selections and adjustments you make immediately before applying them to your desktop.

Default settings

Whenever you make changes and adjustments to a skin you can save them into a preset. This way, you can access previous tweaks and apply them quickly to new skins.

Based on randomized skins

By using WindowBlinds, you can switch skins at random intervals on your desktop. You’ll never be bored again, just log in and you’ll be treated to a new skin every time.

The process of per application skinning

For instance, WindowBlinds lets you choose two skins for different applications. For example, your word processing software can use one skin while your design programs use another.

You’ll be able to design your own skins.

WindowBlinds comes with SkinStudio, the powerful companion application to WindowBlinds. You can create your own skins, customize controls, the start menu, the task bar, explorer windows, fonts, colors, and backgrounds with SkinStudio.

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Simple to use

The SkinStudio interface makes it easy for beginners to create a great looking skin. Customize only the elements you want and SkinStudio will do the rest.

Despite being able to customize the Windows interface, advanced users can still get excited about more advanced features.

Stardock Windowblinds 10.87 Free Download:

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