RogueKiller Anti Malware Premium + Portable

RogueKiller Anti Malware Premium + Portable

RogueKiller Anti Malware Premium + Portable : Scans process, the registry, MBR, service files, and the Microsoft task scheduler for suspicious activity, removing malware. This application is designed to identify and remove malware agents, including those that reside in OS memory, by scanning sensitive areas on your computer. In addition to the Windows Task Scheduler, MBR, processes, Windows, and services, Rootkits are also discussed.

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Anti-Virus Software

Because of its heuristics-driven engine, it is able to find known and unknown malware. This includes both those that have already infected your computer, as well as those that have not yet been detected.

To find more malicious software, including Adware, Viruses, and Rootkits, RogueKiller anti malware comes with embedded Artificial Intelligence and Cloud signatures.

Protection against malware

A state-of-the-art malware detection and removal tool is built into RogueKiller’s premium version for Android. This type of scanner is modular, powered by cutting-edge technology, capable of detecting any type of malware.

Protection of documents

Documents that you consider to be important can be protected by the Premium version. It’s extremely important to secure your documents now that ransomware is becoming more and more prevalent.

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Features of RogueKiller Anti Malware Premium Full

Easy installation and a user-friendly interface

  • One notable aspect of setup is that you can install both 32- and 64-bit versions of the program, especially if you’re a technical person. It has a user-friendly interface, made up of a large window with a flat appearance and a neatly arranged layout, divided into various sections such as scanning, history, and settings.
  • RogueKiller’s registered edition provides you with the option of excluding any areas from the scanning process, including the loaded kernel driver, as well as PUP and PUM should be considered as malware when disabling automatic updates. You can reset this configuration to its default state.

Malware agents should be scanned in critical areas of the OS

  • It is possible to check various statistics, such as the progress of the scanning operation, the number of objects detected, the last time they were detected, and so on.
  • In a separate window, you can inspect the details of the identified objects. In these cases, the files are referred to a quarantine, where they can be reviewed and you can determine whether to keep them or not. An application running on a computer may be temporarily paused in order to allocate resources to other programs. Upon job completion, a report is generated automatically.
  • It is possible to easily update the software tool automatically for multiple UI languages. You can enable automatic scanning of the registry, upload the registry to VirusTotal to run with multiple antivirus engines, as well as scan the offline registry with multiple antivirus engines after uploading.

Evaluation and conclusion

In our tests, both operations took place quickly, with minimal system resources used. The application has been stable during the entire period of time it has been running. Because RogueKiller has an intuitive interface and a range of options, users searching for quick way to identify and eliminate viruses, Trojans, and other forms of malware can easily use this software.

RogueKiller Anti Malware Premium + Portable:

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