MediaMonkey Gold Free Download + Portable

MediaMonkey Gold Free Download + Portable

MediaMonkey Gold, which can be downloaded for free, is among the programs included in our software library old, which is free to download. Music collectors and iPod owners will find MediaMonkey a useful tool in organizing music, creating multimedia discs, and playing music on the go. Organizes your audio files CDs, OGGs, WMAs, MPCs, FLACs, APEs, WAVs, and MP3.

This powerful tool includes an intelligent tag editor, a file and directory renamer, and the ability to search FreeDB and get an update on missing covers. You can switch to Winamp as the default player if you prefer, or you can play continuously with the volume control while the player adapts the volume settings for you.

It supports hundreds of Winamp add-ons and visualizations. With MediaMonkey Gold, you can rip CDs, burn them on discs / DVDs, convert them into sound files, as well as create music mixes manually or automatically. Also included is the synchronization of portable audio devices, allowing users to sync tracks and playlists with portable audio devices like iPods and others.

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Features of MediaMonkey Gold Free Download Full

  • Edit tags and manage music in your audio library using this intuitive and powerful feature
  • Check for and tag Album Art and additional metadata automatically
  • Your music collection contains over 50,000 files. Manage them without bogging down your PC
  • No longer worry about varying volumes when playing MP3s and other audio formats
  • You can convert your CDs to OGG, MP3, FLAC, and WMA files
  • You can use the audio converter to convert MP3 files into other formats, OGG files into FLAC, and WMA files into WMA
  • Mix and create playlists in seconds and customize them to suit your needs
  • You can effortlessly synchronize with iPods / MP3 players and convert tracks at any time
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MediaMonkey Gold Features:

  • Browse your music collection and find tracks using advanced search functionality that digs through all of your tracks according to almost any criterion you can think of. Don’t burn yourself out by looking up composers, years, beats per minute, lyrics, etc. Stop wasting your time trying to find the music you already own.
  • The filters in your library let you determine which artists or albums to display according to a number of criteria. Use a filter to make Artists appear in a specific manner, such as only being displayed in the tree if they contain albums, which are currently available, and are in a different genre from “Children.”.
  • You can encode unlimited MP3s without having to manually install an MP3 encoder (you can use the free LAME encoder to replace the one included in the free version of MediaMonkey, or you can upgrade to MediaMonkey Gold 4).
  • Organize your CD collection by cataloging the physical CDs you own and using the Virtual CD feature to see what tracks are transferred from each CD to your hard drive while at the same time keeping track of which CDs you own. Virtual CDs give you an integrated view of your CDs and tracks, rather than tracking them separately.
  • With the Virtual CD, you can import and save audio tracks from Audio CDs and MP3 CDs with unprecedented flexibility. You can listen to samples of tracks from different sources, choose which ones you’d like to import, and then import and save the files in one operation.
  • When selecting audio files for your collection, you may want to create previews, which are short samples of a track.
  • Using a Sleep Timer can help you play music, slowly fade it over a set period of time, then turn off your PC. This is perfect for a relaxing music montage before you hit the hay.
  • If your hardware supports the maximum speed, burn CDs at that speed.

All MediaMonkey Gold Features:

  • Managing and coordinating the audio/music department
  • A multimedia player (which can play MP3, OGG, WMA, etc.)
  • Equalizer / Digital Signal Processing Effects / Volume Leveler
  • Various modes for partying and auto-dj’ing
  • MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC files can be encoded with this tool
  • A converter for audio files
  • Organizes and automatically renames files
  • Search for album art with the automatic tag editor
  • Identify duplicate track and missing tag duplication
  • Automated music mix (Playlist Manager)
  • Reports and statistics should be generated
  • By using scripts, you can customize
  • Synchronizing your iPod and MP3 player
  • Burning CDs and DVDs (data and audio) (up to 48x) (up to 4x)
  • The File Monitor (assess the library automatically)
  • Automatic Playlists and Advanced Search
  • Converting formats on the fly with advanced portable device synchronization
  • The ability to encode MP3 files in an unlimited number of ways
  • View the preview of a virtual CD
  • Filters with advanced capabilities
  • Using the sleep timer
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What’s New in MediaMonkey Gold

  • Support for video. Besides being able to work with text, MediaMonkey Portable can handle video (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.). The process of playing, syncing, tagging, and organizing video files is similar to that of audio files.
  • It contains collections. Multiple collections can be managed using one UI in MediaMonkey 4. There are many types of music collections available online, including classical, movies, music videos, and more. It provides users with a single interface from which they can manage and access all of these. Version 3 had a primitive ‘Filter’ feature that has been modified to enable this functionality.
  • Sharing is caring. If your television, PS3, or Xbox supports DLNA, you’ll be able to enjoy your media content on it via UPnP/DLNA with MediaMonkey Gold 4. A UPnP server can share content through MediaMonkey and MediaMonkey can play that content on the device. Moreover, the downloaded content stored on other websites can be quickly downloaded using the download manager.
  • Syncing automatically. A variety of devices are supported by MediaMonkey 4, making transferring media a simple process. Creating device profiles further improves MediaMonkey’s sync experience since they automatically configure the app with sync settings suitable for the device. There are many devices that are supported, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, and Android.
  • Updated audio system. The new version of MediaMonkey 4 offers higher quality audio and lower latency and is powered by the Windows Audio Session API for handling audio.
  • A portable mode is available. If you have a USB device, now you can store your video collection and run MediaMonkey 4 from it. This makes it portable so you’re able to take it with you wherever you go.
  • Using a secure ripping method. Secure ripping in MediaMonkey 4 adds the ability to slow down the disc rotation speed whenever inaccuracies are detected ensuring that the CDs are copied with the greatest accuracy. To ensure the integrity of the final product, AccurateRip uses its database to compare it with the final product.
  • Easy as never before. There are numerous usability improvements included in MediaMonkey 4, making it easier than ever to use. These include an installation wizard, automated download of languages/codecs, tabbed UI, contextual toolbar, integrated file monitoring, new skins, etc.
  • Lots of bug fixes. There are hundreds of minor and major bug fixes included in MediaMonkey 4, including the removal of a recent issue with auto-tagging from Amazon that was present in MediaMonkey 3.x.

MediaMonkey Gold Free Download + Portable:

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