Luminar Free Download [Latest]

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Luminar Free Download [Latest]

Luminar is the next generation of software that specializes in image editing and image management. Luminar 4 is designed to help designers achieve the best images with professional results

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You can customize the application environment according to the scope of the program you are running. For example, designers need tools that are different from other tools. Or the designer needs to draw and paint more. With just one click, you can customize your work environment for your core business.

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Of course, it can identify new or changed jobs. The distribution of a laminar flow filter can be considered as a force. There are over 35 powerful filters in this category that allow you to apply each effect to different images.

Each filter has a simple and easy visual guide to see how they work. You can also edit RAW images from your digital camera and support real RAW images.

Supports Luminar features
Resetting Sky
Change the sky and change the feel of your photos instantly. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, this complex task is automated.

Artificial intelligence skin repair and image enhancement
Innovative responsive technology lets you enlarge your photos faster than ever before. Get really great results from photos taken outdoors or in the studio.

The structure of artificial intelligence
Quickly identify important parts of each image without damaging the rest of the image. Delicate content This tool improves and enhances potentially rich areas.

Create a real beam. Add a light source and move it in the image. See how large rays of the sun magically dig into objects such as trees and buildings.

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Promotion of artificial intelligence
The accents of artificial intelligence create dozens of difficult situations when navigating a single slide. New human technology recognizes people and uses change to achieve real results.

Incredibly addressable
Easily and enjoyably analyze, rate, sort, and enjoy the photos in your folders.

Make up now
Dive into more than 70 well-known designer exhibitions. It is divided into 7 categories. Create and share your look.

Make a list of your region
With Landscape Enhancer, you can add charm to your landscape with just a few slides. Use Dehaze to restore depth and color. Add a warm golden sundial. Suitable for landscape and outdoor shooting. Increase the color of plants, trees and flowers with the ampere of the leaves.

Clean unnecessary items
Get rid of unwanted objects, unfamiliar and strange details. Use the tool to remove them with just one click.

Encourage creativity creatively

Used for cereals. Often used in the design of fashion shoes and large sportswear.
For an aging look with high color and contrast. Great for landscapes and photos.
Create dream scenes with higher contrast and softer light.

Change colors from images to new creativity. LUTs can be used for color evaluation, black and white versions, or digital movies.

Textures give the image a new look Great if you are trying to achieve an elegant or spicy look.
This creates a light effect, especially in bright places such as street lights and skylights.
It gives the structure of an analog film by adding random and stylish textures to the image.
Strong parts of the image give a strong soft or blurry effect, imitating fog.

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Turn off the sound
Completely remove digital audio from all types of images. Take the perfect picture, regardless of camera position or shooting.
Improved details
Create a more effective scene. Enter the sharp brightness of the image. Increases the brightness of small, medium and large details.

System requirements to register:
Luminar v4.3.3.7895
Developer: Home
Permission: sharing
Language: multi languages
Operating system: Windows

Luminar Free Download [Latest]:

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