InPixio Photo Maximizer Pro + Portable [latest]

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InPixio Photo Maximizer Pro + Portable [latest]

InPixio Photo Maximizer Pro is easy to use and allows users to take high-resolution photos of any digital photo from their device.

Whether you enlarge a small image area or enlarge a small one, Photo Maximizer allows you to save the quality and definition you want in your images.

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Using Photo Maximizer, you can take photos as you wish. It is often difficult to photograph a country or sunset because it looks too long in the picture.

Or you may be trying to enlarge something as distant as a bird or a statue, but it still seems too far removed from your image.

Photo Maximizer allows you to quickly and easily enlarge the points you want as the main focus of the image and then make adjustments to keep it sharp and clear. No pixels, no blurry images, just perfect images.

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Full features of InPixio Photo Maximizer Pro
Powerful zoom performance improving images up to 1000%
Using the Magnification 7 algorithm, Photo Maximizer can tell you the size of an image in pixels or inches. The decision you want can be customized for great results. This is especially important when printing photos and getting high quality results.

Add your photos and keep your nerves very sharp
Generally, when you enlarge the image, you will get pixels, color distortion, and brightness. Photo Maximizer preserves image quality and unwanted noise. Share pixelated, fragmented, and blurred images as you zoom in with InPixio Photo Maximizer.

Before / after comparison
Creates four approximate settings at once. Compare images and choose the best result.

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Upload photos to your computer, cell phone, camera and more.
Upload your photos to your computer and read.

Printing plans
Print enlarged images such as posters, pictures, t-shirts, postcards and more.

Serial performance: a thousand photos in one step. Professional type
Zoom in and Photo Maximizer will process 1000 photos at a time.

Create default settings: Pro type

Create and save presets for later use: Turn your photos into photos. Each graphics platform can be saved as a design for later use. Simplify your work without having to change settings again.
InPixio Photo Maximizer Pro + portable news [latest]

High expansion without loss of quality

  • grows up to 1000%
  • High noise density: 7 processes
  • Define predetermined stages and neurological functioning
  • Print pictures and large posters
  • Touch and update with a single click
    Improve your photos and improve their quality
  • Tip! Sound module for RGB conversion

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