ALLPlayer 8.8.6 Free Download + Portable

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ALLPlayer 8.8.6 Free Download + Portable

ALLPlayer 8.8.6 Free Download + Portable can be downloaded for free from our software library. For watching movies with subtitles, it’s a free media player with a lightweight design. Plays all known media formats, and additionally has a LiveUpdate function, which allows the latest codecs to be updated for use if a problem arises with opening a movie file.

Besides searching in all languages for subtitles, the program also searches for subtitles that match a video. Featuring intelligent subtitles, ALLPlayer supports a wide variety of video and audio formats, and lets you customize just about anything pretty easily.

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As opposed to most other players, ALLPlayer takes advantage of DirectX to play any movie, while also acting as an overlay for MediaPlayer. A speech synthesizer is also integrated into the program, allowing you to watch movies with subtitles by using a reader (dubbing).

The only player in the world that is able to display subtitles conveniently for everyone is ALLPlayer. This player provides a unique feature that analyzes the length of subtitles to ensure they are displayed professionally. This feature will guarantee you won’t miss out on subtitles while watching the movie!

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Features of ALLPlayer 8.8.6 Free Download + Portable

  • All-in-one file that incorporates a review, cover, and subtitles.
  • Take photographs of the film (stills) using SnapShot – press F12.
  • Redefining the keyboard is an option.
  • A movie watching session ends with an automatic shutdown.
  • Upon completion of a movie, the monitor will automatically turn off.
  • The AutoResume feature will automatically resume where we left off when we finished watching.
  • You can browse frames by frames.
  • Desktop background playback of the movie.
  • A playback speed of 0.1x or 2x can be selected.
  • Alternate brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • There is the possibility to change the balance and volume, as well as to switch the output channels via the AC3 sound filter.
  • A screen that displays information on the screen.
  • A pre-set timer option (default 10 seconds) allows you to skip the film set.
  • The movie can be viewed in any size window using the mouse-drag option.
  • The full-screen zoom feature is available.
  • The ability to configure most of the available filters on your computer as well as easy access to filters used by video.
  • Recent files are easily accessible.
  • Perform repeating functions.
  • The widescreen TV format is supported.
  • In full screen mode, the image resolution is automatically selected.
  • A separate volume control is available for computer and film.

ALLPlayer 8.8.6 Free Download + Portable:

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